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VCU Introduction

    Ventobacco® Curing Units


vcu33VCU® is our latest Compact Complete Curing Unit equipped with Computer Curing Controller, specially designed to fit almost all traditional tobacco barns and the Vencon designed farmer made brick barns.

VCU® is an autonomous all galvanised and insulated compact group with totally stainless steel combustion chamber and heat exchanger, high efficiency fan with IP55 motor, automatic Diesel or Gas burner,  or Hot water heating coil ,automatic Fresh Air Damper ready to be mounted on existing barn's back wall.

VCU ® is automatically controlling barn's air recirculation, burner's and fresh air intake damper's operation, rate of temperature increase, dT, humidity decrease and several other factors securing a perfect cure.

Available in 5 sizes,from 400 to 2.500 Kgs dry leaf per cure.

Designed to ensure perfect and clean leaf directing the combustion gases and combustion by-products outside the barn so there is no contact with the Curing tobacco to prevent the formation of Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines (TSNAs) .

The VCU 2K Ventobacco® Heat exchanger Curing Units (VCU) dramatically reduce the contents of TSNAs in the cured tobacco compared with any of the direct fired Units.

Ventobacco Heat Exchangers for Diesel  oil, LP Gas , Natural Gas firing   are all built in high quality stainless steel material with large Heat Exchange Surface, to ensure a trouble free operation for decades.

An automatic burner fires in the combustion chamber. The hot gases are then directed through a heat exchanger with flattened smoke tubes to the chimney to be exhausted outside to the atmosphere.

The recirculating air stream travelling around it, (combustion chamber and flattened tubes) is heated, cooling down at the same time the heat exchanger.

Heat exchanger's combustion chamber and flattened tubes are designed for the highest possible efficiency to secure as low fuel consumption as possible.

Fuel consumption with Ventobacco ® Heat exchangers (VCU) is the same or even lower than with direct fired Curing units.


Hot water is circulating inside a specially built heating coil.

Hot water produced in a boiler is recirculating in the heating coil through a system of pipeline, pump and 3 way valve controlled from VCU's Curing Computer VK 981.One Hot water boiler can feed several VCUs with hot water.

Boilers are fired with either :